The Making of Umang 2007

What went into Umang 2007 is difficult to describe. But as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. (And, presumably, a video speaks many more.) Watch the making of the most awesome college fest ever, and all the people behind it –  our crazy moments, our absolutely wild ones… and a few heart-stopping scenes that mean the world to us.

Director: Yashna Malhotra, Committee Member, Worshops – and, we’re sure, soon to be a filmmaker of no little fame.


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The Results

The results of Umang 2007 are out. With over 95 colleges participating, competition was bound to be fierce – but a few shine through.

 Overall (For highest total points):  

1st Place – Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics (NMCCE)

2nd Place – Bhavanipur College, Kolkata

3rd Place – Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)

4th Place – St. Xavier’s College

Department-wise Trophies (For highest points in each department’s events):

Fine Arts – St. Xavier’s College

Literary Arts – St. Xavier’s College

Gaming – NMIMS

Management Fest – NMIMS

Performing Arts – NMCCE

Congratulations to all the participants, ACLs, CLs and colleges! We hope you had a blast. To check out individual scores of colleges in particular events, log onto, enter the site and click on the “Scoreboard” link.

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Day 5 – The Grand Finale

The last day of Umang is traditionally considered the most important day. And why not? With the finals of big events, maximum crowd pull and absolute frenzy, it’s no surprise that Day 5 holds a special place in every person’s heart – participant, member of audience or Umangite. This year was no different.

We kicked off with the Investigative Courtroom Trial finals, GTR finals, Group Filmi Dance finals, and English JAM finals. And as the day progressed, the events kept getting added. The Gaming Quiz, the Management Maestro finals, Umang Maze finals, Harry Potter Quiz finals, Solo Ghazals finals, Mr. & Ms. Umang finals, Group Filmi Dance finals, Guitar Wars finals, War of Rappers finals, Actor Hunt finals… (phew).

The Coffee Appreciation workshop saw great popularity (And, why not? Where else would you get a chance to taste varieties of coffee from all over the world?). The Combo Dance workshop, too, brought in a huge number of people. The Book Reading with Mr. Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi (author of “The Last Song of Dusk”) was a treat for those interested in literature and creative writing, with the author describing his early days of struggle, his ideas, his beliefs, and even the underlying theme of his next novel!

Last of all, the War of the DJs finals in JRM, and the Valedictory ceremony.

The War of the DJs finals were, are, and will always be special to Umangites. Every Umangite’s favourite thing to do during this event is to go into the college building and watch it from the upper floors. What we see never fails to thrill us. The sight of JRM crowded (as they say, you can’t see a single square inch of the floor), and people dancing, headbanging and basically having the time of their lives… unbelievable. Great lights, even better music, and the best crowd response – what more can anyone want?


The Valedictory ceremony is the closing ceremony of Umang, where the trophies are awarded and the team is felicitated. 


With mixed emotions, Umang 2007 came to a close. There is euphoria, there is excitement, there is satisfaction, there is a certain wistfulness. But the important thing is to create happy memories – and we may safely say that has been done.


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Day 4 – August 18th, 2007

The 4th day of Umang is usually awaited for several reasons – the PROnite being one. However, this time round, there was much more to the 18th of August than just the PROnite. The day started off with the English and Hindi band events, Shadow Theatre, Antakshari, Global Trade Refute and others. They were followed by absolute crowd pullers like Spelling Bee, Harry Potter Quiz eliminations, War of the RJs, Model Hunt, Western Group Dance, Western Solo Singing and so on.




The highlights of the day included the Panel Discussion on moral policing (which was attended by Mayank Shekhar, Seema Hingorany, Adolf D’Souza and Nirmala Prabhavalkar). Interesting questions and an open debate made for a great 2 hours of discussion. The comic play, “Medha and Zoombish”, was enacted in Bhaidas Hall and saw great response.

And with Lucky Ali and his band performing in JRM 7 p.m. onwards for the PROnite, Day 4 ended spectacularly. Great music, soulful and melodious; smiles all around.

lucky-ali-3.jpg   lucky-ali-7.jpg  lucky-ali-10.jpg

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Day 3 Ends, And What A Day It Was…

There’s something about Umang that makes time fly. Before participants, organisers, or, for that matter, audience members could realise, the fest is half over. And boy, what a first half that has been! Day 3 covered events as diverse as Modified Table Tennis, Gujarati Mock Parliament, a Vintage Cars Appreciation workshop, Gaming Quiz, Spoof 2 Movies, War of Rappers, and many more.

vintage2.jpg   dsc03969.jpg   

Actor Hunt rehearsals continued in full swing while elimination rounds were held for Gaming Quiz, Guitar Wars, Group Filmi Dance, War of the RJs, War of the Rappers and several others. The finals of Word Games, Photography, Solo Hindustani Vocals and No 2nds to Fame were held and saw incredible crowd response. The Gaming Zone continued its monopoly over gaming freaks with Warcraft – DOTA, Smackdown Vs Raw, and Burnout Revenge.


What put the finishing touch to the day was the JLT Rock Nite, in which Vayu, one of the best-known Indian rock bands performed. Great sound, awesome lights, crazy headbanging, and brilliant music ensured that the crowd had a blast and every rock music fan in the city took back unforgettable memories.


Today (18th Aug) – Comic Strip Designing, Global Trade Refute, JAM, Spelling Bee, Harry Potter Quiz, War of the RJs, Western Solo Singing, Filmi Duet, Shadow Theatre, Model Hunt, English Band Event, Hindi Band Event, Western Group Dance, and more. As usual, check out the Logistics section of the Info link on the Umang website ( for info on which event happens where and when.

Specials – “Medha and Zoombish”, a comic play; “Voices Unplugged”, a panel discussion on moral policing which is an open debate with a few famous panelists and the audience, and, of course… the PROnite. With Lucky Ali flying down from Bangalore to perform. Could there be a better end to what promises to be an incredible day?! 

P.S. Day passes for the 19th of August are available at the Information Desks at U07. If you have any queries regarding entry, passes and other sundry matters, please call the Umang helpline (022-26185285) and shoot – we’re here to provide all the answers! (Except to questions pertaining to topics that lie beyond our control…)

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5 Days – The Chronicles Begin

Day 1 of U07 kicked off with great enthusiasm and excitement, with high-power, adrenaline-pumping events. With modified basketball (Crazzy Monkey), football tactics (Joga Bonito) and fencing workshops, the ideation and creativity behind them were appreciated everywhere. Management Maestro, Umang Maze and Actor Hunt got off to a great start.


Among other news, Sans Frontières, the official Umang magazine (published and sold during Umang) was launched, and U.S.E. (the Umang Stock Exchange where you can trade for participating colleges in Umang currency) is now operational. The Gaming Zone, Lit Lounge and Music Lounge are all operational (and loved, if we may say so ourselves).

music-lounge.jpg       gaming-4.jpg

Day 2 – Things get better and better. With a participation of 2100 people, and a crowd of 6600 people coming in, Day 2 was an unexpectedly crazy day. With stuff as diverse as an Experiential Learning workshop, Mr. and Ms. Umang, the Investigative Courtroom Trial, Band Events, Western Group Dance, Digital Art and stand-up comedy (and, of course, the War of the DJs elims), the audience was left screaming for moo-re… All we can say is that if you missed Day 2, you missed something.



Today – Expect loads and loads of madness and fun with the Hindi Hasya Kavi Sammelan, a Vintage Cars Appreciation workshop, a Gaming Quiz, a Rail Management event, Guitar Wars, a Bike Stunt Show, War of the RJs and many more. Log onto and go to Info -> Logistics to download the soft copy of the logs (with the venues, dates and times of every event). Or just come to Umang, and we’ll make sure you have a blast!

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2 Down, 3 To Go



Phew! It’s tough to recall the day when a bunch of enthusiastic teenagers started working in college to convert the vision of Umang 2007 into reality. Slowly, their numbers grew, and so did their activities… with over 500 people, 80+ events and hours and hours of hard work, this place is more than home. Now, the fest is open. The atmosphere is charged, spirits are high. Everyone is on their toes and there is no time as every moment is as precious as the other. But, even at midnight, when the day is practically over, every Umangite looks fresh and full of energy. The entire college is lit up and the colours of Umang can be felt by each one of us. With committee members hurrying around, shrieks in JRM, crazy drag queen fashion shows, midnight snacks at the roadside, meetings on the road dividers and pavements, the Core meetings through the night, decor put up on campus and, of course, the enthusiasm and freshness of the assistants – it finally feels like UMANG. The countdown begins… 2 down, 3 to go.


P.S. For those still unaware, Umang 2007 is here (and how!) With just 3 more days left, you can expect regular updates here on everything that’s happening on the N. M. College campus. FYI, there’s a Rock Nite on 17th August (with Vayu performing), the PROnite on 18th August (with Lucky Ali performing) and a lot many many more happening events from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every single day. We’ll see you there.


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